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location; Mammoth Lakes

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After our filming trip in Europe was cut short due to a shoulder injury at Jib League in Crans-Montana, we decided to book a last-minute trip to California and live in a van for 5 weeks with Ben Barclay and Tiarn Collins. After riding Mammoth mountain for a week to get our legs back, we decided it was time to whip out the camera and venture out to an undisclosed location in the Mammoth area to build and hit our first feature of the trip.

After looking around for a day, we came across a near-vertical diving board rock with an approximate 20-foot drop to a pretty perfect hip landing. It was an ambitious but worthwhile build that ended up taking 4 hours and left us too tired to hit it that same day, so we ventured back to camp. That night in camp, there was certainly some crazy anxious energy present and lots of questions like "will it work?" and "what trick are you going to try?" but we decided that there was no point in worrying and that we would just have to go and see the next day.

We pulled into the car park, loaded up our packs, and began the 2.5km walk out to the spot. When we arrived, we discovered that the lip, due to it being on a rock, had significantly melted out and required a little bit of a rebuild. After 2 hours on the shovel, the feature was finally ready to hit. Tiarn, Ben, and I all played a classic game of rock-paper-scissors to decide who would go first. Of course, I was the one who lost! To be honest, it was only right that I should test the thing haha. Nervous as fuck, I walked up to the top of the drop-in, clipped into my skis, and dropped in... IT WORKED! The session was on. Luckily, this trick only took me 3 tries, but with it being a 10-minute hike to lap the feature and the 6+ hours of building over 2 days, I was absolutely ruined by the time I was done. One more clip to add to the project. STOKED!

Black a video by Nico and Gavin 300ppi.png
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